Széchényi 2020

Kun-Metalokála Ltd. railway vehicle factory technology development

Beneficiary name: "KUN-METALOKÁLA" Metal technology manufacturer and trade Ltd.

Project title: Kun-Metalokála Ltd.: Technological development of railway vehicle production

Contracted amount of aid: HUF 27 740 830

Aid intensity: 50%

Project Completion Date: 12.06.2019.

Place of implementation: 5420 Túrkeve, Kinizsi u. 49.

Project ID number: GINOP-2.1.8-17-2018-02345


Project description:

The following equipment was purchased in the project:

1 CNC waterjet cutting machine of type PT2060W PRO, brand new production, with associated CNC control software and water softening system of type BWT VAD Pro.

The investment in this project will result in both a much more efficient way of working in relation to our current activities and a significantly improved production method. The aim of the tool is to achieve efficient CNC positioning at a favourable cost, which can be applied to many segments of the manufacturing and processing industry, including our own in the area of rail vehicle production on fixed track. One of the key features of this tool is that it provides a more precise, accurate, and nicer finish cut than similar CNC cutting machines we have used in the past. In addition to a nicer and more precise cutting surface, it will take less time (up to 50%) to cut parts.

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