Fémtechnikai Gyártó
és kereskedelmi Kft.



The company was founded in 1993 and has been owned by two private individuals.
In the beginning we were specialized to manufacture metal parts to be installed on undercarriage of Ikarus buses. We gradually developed and enlarged our producing facilities, plants, machinery and enhanced human resources.

At present, we have industrial halls with all public utilities and with total area of nearly 4000 m2, half of which is craned. Concrete-paved outdoor area of similar size is also available.

We have all available technical and technological background facilities to support steel structure manufacture. For a part of machinery and plant purchases we managed to obtain subsidy and financial aid of applications (machine purchase projects SZVP-2003-5; GOP-2.1.1-09/A-2009/455).

We have been ISO-certified since 1998. On 16th February 2010 the company obtained the latest EN ISO 9901:2008 certificate in the field of manufacture of automotive parts, steel structures and metalworking. We have, among other things, CNC flame cutter and undertake any jobs that require laser cutting and waterjet cutting.

OUR HALL-MARK IS QUALITY, which allows us to produce, among other clients, wide range of Aluminium parts for the swiss STADLER Szolnok Vasúti Járműgyártó Kft (Railway Vehicle Manufacture Ltd), to produce parts for NABI buses exported to the American market, and to produce parts for agricultural machinery CLAAS.
Every welder at the Company has appropriate international qualification to weld Aluminium, carbon steel, and stainless steel materials. To perform arc welding, state-of-the-art 400A power supplies are used for metal inert (131) gas and metal active (135,137) gas welding, and we also have a new 400A AWI welding machine. In April 2003 it helped us to obtain MSZ EN 729-2 certificate as well as the current equivalent MSZ EN ISO 3834-2:2006 certificate, with which we meet all quality requirements on fusion welding of metals and are DIN EN 15085-2 qualified in grade CL1 that allows production of railway vehicles and vehicle parts made of Aluminium and carbon steel. We endeavour to widen the range of and improve the quality of service in order to satisfy our existing and prospective customers.

In addition to our existing business relations we also focus on gaining new markets as well. TS Hungaria Kft., an Austrian-owned railway vehicle manufacturer, and delegates from other 100% foreign-owned companies primarily working in the German market visited our company and were satisfied with their experience. They offered further business. The share of parts for dealers to supply parts for Hungarian buses (IKARUS, SCANIA etc.) is also significant.
As supplier we aim to participate in the manufacture of the newly designed NABI buses to be distributed both in the domestic as well as in the European market.
The most important element in our business policy is to meet customer demands to the maximum extent possible, which at the same time crucial to maintain, increase, and improve our market position, competitiveness, and profitability.